Bruce Wheeler

Bruce Wheeler

Bruce Wheeler
8619 N Tatum Blvd
Paradise Valley, AZ 85253-2028
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From early on fascinated with the ability of the car to transport one from the familiar to new experiences, locations and relationships. Bruce’s sculptures now serve to transport again, to prompt the viewers imagination, to visualize situations and experiences involving such vehicles.

Experiences like participating in the “New York to Paris Race of 1908”, Touring Europe in an open Bentley, or even the painful “Dustbowl Exodus” can be relived vicariously.

His work experiences and education centered on the design process from design studios at General Motors to Forensic and Exhibit design.

Throughout his life, always looking for that “Niche” that was his. He explored the use of many materials and mediums. The automobile, while familiar, was elusive as a subject. After developing some skills with jewelry and metals the “Epiphany” occurred. He found it was possible to create expressive automobile studies directly in metal, hand forming, soldering, welding each panel and component.

His intent is to capture and convey the visual excitement of these “Vintage Vehicles” in what he describes as a 3- dimensional sketch.

A member of AFAS, he has received awards at the Pebble Beach Concours, Meadow Brook Hall Concours and Hickory Corners CCCA.

Sculptures have been commissioned by patrons in the U.S., Europe, Canada, England, Japan, South America and by the California Mille for its’ participants.