Vidita Singh

Vidita Singh

Vidita Singh
Barwani House,
12 Old Palasia,
Indore. (M.P.) INDIA
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Vidita was brought up in a family of passionate automotive enthusiasts – Inheriting the passion for cars and love for art from an early age, her paintings themed on cars speak in a narrative manner about the special relation these mechanical masterpieces had with India. She is one of the few automotive artists that brings to life these fine automobiles in elements that are uniquely India but have an international appeal.

Vidita was commissioned to make a painting for Ford Motor’s Centenary Celebrations, which graces the Head Office of Ford Motor Company, India. She has had solo exhibitions in New Delhi, Hong Kong, Mumbai, Hyderabad and has been part of several exhibitions including the Cartier Concours d’Elegance. She was the guest exhibiting artist at the AFAS (Automotive Fine Arts Society) Exhibition at Pebble Beach Concours, California in 2018.

Vidita’s work has been featured on T.V. shows like BBC’s “Wheels”, NDTV India’s “Raftaar”. Podcasts like Cars Yeah! and Wrench Nation TV in the U.S, She has also been featured in National Daily’s, Automotive and lifestyle magazines such as The Telegraph, , The Daily Guardian, Hello Magazine India, BBC Top Gear, amongst others. She has also been featured as an ‘Upcoming Automotive Artist’ in the Dutch website Her work has been auctioned by Christie’s at Royal Bridges art convergence held in Dubai, apart from being part of their Google arts and culture online exhibit.

Vidita says “The beauty of the automobiles of the past is the reason for me being an artist. For me automobiles have a soul and I try my best to bring that out in my artwork. The lines and curves of the cars are the core to the painting and they help mould the surroundings they are presented in.”