Dan McCrary

Dan McCrary

10964 Stone Trail Road
Charlotte, NC 28213

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Born in 1949 in Raleigh, NC, Dan picked up his fascination for automobiles at the age of five, when the McCrary family attended races at the old Raleigh Speedway. He attended East Carolina University and worked for several years as a musician before turning to the full time pursuit of automotive art in the early eighties, with water color as his medium of choice.

His work resides in many prominent corporate and private collections, and has won numerous awards at exhibitions and Concours all over the US.

Dan has always been fascinated by a wide array of subjects within the automotive realm. Whether a painting depicts a rusting relic or a classic so perfect as to reflect its surroundings in a mirror-like finish, he approaches each with equal respect.

A rusting car is considered by most of society as an eyesore; something to be hidden behind fences, kept from sight. Dan takes pleasure in turning this notion on its head finding beauty in the peeling chrome, roughly textured rust, and faded colors. At the other end of this spectrum is a surface so glossy that it becomes a mirror, at times a “fun-house” mirror that distorts reflected images into abstractions of shape and color. In either case, he develops a sense of composition that combines realism as a painting style with a more abstract notion of design; to see a familiar subject in a unique and sometimes unconventional way.