Volume 5, Number 2 September 2014

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AFAS Members at Annual Meeting

Back row:

Barry Rowe
Charles Maher
Ken Eberts
Peter Hearsey
Bruce Wheeler
Jay Koka
Tony Sikosrki
Tom Hale
Richard Pietruska
Klaus Wagger
Dennis Hoyt
Dennis Brown

Front Row:

Niles Nakaoka
Tom Fritz
Gary Whinn
Stanley Rose
Nicola Wood
Bill Motta

Very Front Row:

a white dog

Just how big is big?

It wasn't very long ago that "Pebble Beach" meant the "Pebble Beach Concours", the races at Laguna Seca and the odd auction here and there.

They still sold t-shirts in mom and pop stores on Ocean Avenue in Carmel, you could find a parking spot within a block or so from everything you wanted to visit, you could get a dinner without a reservation and, well, you could even drive from any point to any point on the peninsula without any significant delay.

We (my wife Cathy and I) have been attending the PB show for over 25 years and to say that things have changed is a monumental understatement. Here's just a sampling of what has now become "Car Week":

- Pebble Beach RetroAuto
- Pebble Beach Classic Car Forum
- AutoMoto Int's Film & Arts Festival
- Russo & Steele Monterey Auction
- Mecum Monterey Auction
- RM Monterey Auction
- Bonhams & Butterfield's Auction
- Rick Cole Monterey Auction
- Rolex Motorsports Reunion (Laguna Seca)
- The Quail (Carmel Valley)
- PCA Werks Reunion (Carmel Valley)


AFAS The Pebble Beach Party
An Outsider's Report
by Wallace Alfred Wyss

Of course upwards of 50,000 spectators who are true-and-blue car fans are eager to see what’s new in old cars at Pebble Beach but a smaller group is equally interested each year in seeing what has been created by the AFAS, the Automotive Fine Arts Society.

This group has the good fortune to have a tent pitched right on the Pebble Beach concours lawn that is accessible free to anyone attending the concours.

But the cognoscenti know that, if you want the right crowd and no crowding, as the Brits say, there is a preview at the tent Saturday evening, the day before the concours and I was pleased to be able to make this event and here's my short report.

Well, “tent” isn’t the right word for this building, this is a tent-like structure but it has a cement-like deck with a bar, and tables and seems to be taking on more of a semi-permanent aspect each year. The lighting inside has improved too, and it is only right that the sponsor, Ford’s Lincoln brand, has a fair section of wood floor display space when you enter the show. Lincoln is bound and determined to aim itself at those who appreciate the finer things in life and what better exemplifies that than art collectors?