Volume 5, Number 2 Septemeber 2014

There's a new logo on our masthead... has been registered by Knightbridge to provide a new address by which to reach this magazine. We were looking for a domain name that more clearly defined and encapsulated what our publication is about... its arts contents. This is important for many reasons, not the least of which is its effectiveness with search engines. So while is a new way to get here, the domain address will of course, continue to be valid.


Paid Content?
I can't possibly add anything new to what has already been written about how the internet has changed media. But there's a troubling trend... one that I think was started on the net...the growing use of so called "sponsored content". Publications have always had paid content: they are called advertisements. But "sponsored" or more accurately "paid" content is something altogether different. I'm not talking about those articles you remember from print publications that were headed "Advertisement". Sponsored content isn't something that is identified as advertising, it is simply content identified as having been sponsored by something (or someone) but presented as a 'story'. Our publication doesn't have sponsored content. Artists reviewed are selected for interest and quality. Same with events.

Some may advertise in the publication but many don't. How do you feel about sponsored content? How would you react to a story about an artist sponsored (ie: paid for) by the artist? Send me a note, I'm very interested in what you think: >

Our First Art Award
We recently presented our first art award: " Award of Excellence" at the art exhibit at the Concours at St John's. A nice ribbon and $200 cash went to Steve Macy. More on this in the Concours story.

29th annual AFAS show at Pebble Beach
The Society returns to the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance for their biggest annual show presenting the work of its members, associates and guest artists. Members use this judged venue to premiere major new works each year. Full coverage on the exhibition here: >Pebble Beach 2014

...and more about Associates...
You'll recall our coverage of a new category of member for the AFAS brought about by its need to expand participation in the Society but under controlled circumstances. The Society announced its second/third "Associates" in 2013. David Chapple and Sue Steele Thomas were elected to the new Associate position and we are proud to present the previosly promised profiles on both artists in this issue...
>David Chapple
>Sue Steele Thomas

The Concours at St John's
Successor to the long running and successful Meadow Brook Concours, St John's continues to grow and mature each year. Now in their 4th year at the new venue, we present coverage of their latest effort this past July...
>Concours at St John's 2014

The change in publication dates was brought about primarly by our need to provide more immediate coverage of the major shows. We previously presented previews for the two major AFAS shows: Amelia and Pebble Beach. That's good, but the problem is that our full show coverage took place some 6 months after the events. September and March dates allow us to provide more timely coverage...and frankly, I'm not even sure why it took us this long to figure it out.

The >Contents Page has links to our archived issues. Take a look. Our guiding design principle from the start has been: "It's about the art, not the container."

  Jay Koka, Publisher