Volume 4, Number 1 March 2013  

The last time I was this happy was when I was voted in for membership in the AFAS. The next time was when my colleague Tom Fritz presented me with the 2012 Peter Helck Award at the AFAS Exhibition at the Pebble Beach Concours. It's that important.


On the evening of September 17th, 2012 while watching the season opening of Live at the Lincoln Arts Center. Itzhak Perlman brought tears to my eyes by the immensity of his talent. It got me thinking about how his fame is built on exceptional talent as contrasted with many famous people in the arts today who are famous for, well, just being famous... the subjects of relentless promotion. Does it matter? Is there a lesson in this? I think so.


I've been privileged to be part of the AFAS for more than twenty years. During that entire time, one of the major issues that dogged the Society was our ability, or rather inability to allow membership growth. The Society was much criticized by both collectors and artists for being "elitist" and some other names best left unsaid. It took Stanley Rose and the membership committee to develop a resolution to the problem. It's called "Associate Membership" and we added our first Associate Member Klaus Wagger last August.

You can review the Associate Membership program in the Detours section. Klaus Wagger's work is also reviewed in this issue.


In the August 2012 issue of the magazine, I wrote that Art Fitzpatrick told me that he was "the most famous automotive artist in the world". Mr Fitzpatrick has taken exception with my is his response:

"In the August 2012 issue were a number of very complimentary editorial items about me, for which I'm very grateful, but there is one that I must correct. I was quoted as saying that I was, "The most famous automotive artist in the world." That is a mistatement of what I've said. I have always been careful not to say that, as it's pure braggadocio and impossible to prove. What I have said is, "My work is the most famous automotive art in the world." That is simply a matter of numbers and I'll stand by mine, as I'm sure nobody else has ever come close."

In this issue, we are also pleased to present a 20 year revisit with AFAS member and fellow Canadian Ken Dallison as well as a review of the work of Michigan artist Daniel Brown.


A Friend is Lost
I along with the automotive community have lost a good friend. Fred Smith passed away on Friday, February 1st after a lengthy illness that slowly left him unable to pursue his auto related passions. A longstanding fixture at the "old" Meadow Brook, Fred was the art committee chairman for a number of years and was well-respected and well-liked by both collectors and artists. His kindness and great sense of humor will be missed. Our condolences to Stephanie and their son Dave.
view Fred Smith Memorial video here


We continue to fine tune the layout and graphics of the publication. I hope you find the subtle improvements pleasing. Our mantra is simple: the art comes first. The purpose of everything in the publication is to showcase the art.

Now in our 4th year, the next issue will be the Pebble Beach Concours preview issue , watch for it in early Augusth 2013... in fact, sign up for automatic issue notification here (just type "notify" in the subject line):

Thank you for your continued interest in our publication.

Jay Koka, Publisher

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