Hervé Nys

Story material provided by Hervé Nys, edited by Jay Koka

Hervé NYS was born in Cagnes-sur-Mer, France in 1960. From farming parents, he quickly learned that his interest in working the land was low. His talent for and interest for mechanics allowed him to repair the farm equipment to ease the boredom.

In 1978, he passed a BEPA Agricultural Mechanics course in Isle-sur-Sorgues. In 1980, with military service being compulsory, he elected to enlist in the French Naval Air Force to continue his studies in mechanics. He worked on maintenance and repairs for the Super-Etendard (a French carrier-borne strike fighter aircraft) and the Fouga Magister (a French two-seat jet trainer aircraft) in Salon de Provence. This is also the time period that gave rise to his passion for custom culture.

He left the Navy in 1987, married and became a machinist in the family’s leather goods business. He worked on cutting and printing presses. This exposed him to fashion through the creation of trendy patterns according to the seasons and new printing matrices. Ending in divorce, he started from scratch and returned to his first passion by buying and modifying some cars and motorcycles.

He landed a job in 1994 becoming a chiseler in a lost wax art foundry. Here he discovered a universe totally unknown to the general public. He worked in close collaboration with internationally renowned artists like Kees Verkade, Franta, Hans Hedberg, Nicolas Lavarenne, Miki Toshiharu, Marion Burkle, Cyril de la Patellière among others. For 10 years he enriched his skills through the creations of these talented artists and developed his mastery of molding, carving and patina.

In 2003, he left the foundry to become the assistant to Sacha Sosno (artist of the School of Nice) until his death in 2013. During this time, he developed his own art based on his first passion of mechanics and nature using mechanics as a support.

Nys sculpts with humor. He also exploits our collective memory and reminds us that man wants to tame everything… dominate… go faster… higher… further. His career has given rise to unique sculptures that have never before been seen in contemporary art.

Nys exhibits his works annually in car shows and contemporary art events such as: Rétromobile Paris, Le Mans Classic, Epoqu'auto Lyon, Padova and more...

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