Stanley Rose receives the 2017 Peter Helck Award


ATHENA AWARDS: Tom Fritz, Tom Hale, Dennis Hoyt, John Marsh, Stanley Rose

Klaus Wagger receives the Art Fitzpatrick Award

Richard Pietruska

RICHARD PIETRUSKA , the long time Art Center educator, was there with a double wide booth of work, showing his three dimensional “fluid” sculptures in plastic materials and traditional metal. One had a particularly interesting patina, like he’s been paying attention to snakes. Richard likes to capture the fluid movement of cars, so the sculpture looks like a car is still caught in the act of going around a corner, or leaving swirls of dust in its wake.

STANLEY ROSE from France returns with his large format works depicting music icons with era appropriate cars. Rose won the prestigious 2017 Peter Helck Award as well as an Athena Award.

Stanley Rose

Barry Rowe

BARRY ROWE a long time member from England was the featured poster artist for the 2017 concours.

TONY SIKORSKY continues with his three dimensional cars that are occasionally "cartoon-like" in metal, almost Dave Deal-inspired. Though it is a long way to Christmas, he premiered festive, holiday inspired wood sculptures featuring St. Nicholas piloting an assortment of vehicles as well as an airplane.

Tony Sikorski

Klaus Wagger

KLAUS WAGGER from Austria  said that he is continuing in the same vein but trying to make each painting “more convincing.” His racing car portraits manage to capture the excitement of the cars at speed. Wagger received the 2017 Art Fitzpatrick Award.

BRUCE WHEELER from Arizona returned with his primarily metal 3d creations. The work varied from almost "impressionist" to almost "model" perfection.

Bruce Wheeler with wife Phyllis

Guest Artist: Dean Adams

GUEST ARTIST Dean Adams presented his work for consideration as an Associate Member (voting is not yet complete). His works are of collector cars like the Porsche 356 and of race cars. Before cars he was a portrait painter and he hopes to bring more people into appreciating fine art.
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For the third consecutive year, the Society extended an invitation to a group of Japan based artists. Akira Watanabe and Makoto Ouchi presented their work.

Guests: Akira Watanabe and Makoto Ouchi

Jay Leno engages the campers

THE AUTHOR: Wallace Wyss is an author and fine artist who shows at Concorso Italiano.

The AFAS/Lincoln patio is a popular spot