Volume 7 No 2 September 2016

Casey Hall

Originally trained as a figure painter, Casey Hall’s focus has shifted from flesh and blood to metal and fuel. Hall takes a different approach to the idea of automotive art, looking at the inner-workings, the “organs”, rather than the exterior lines of the car. Her anatomical approach to the automobile is an indicator of her interest in the automobile as machine. She looks for parts that inspire her at swap meets, on eBay, and in books.

The oil paintings and charcoal drawings have a strong sense of realism but start out as schematic drawings. These diagrammatic sketches are technical as well as expressive, with energetic marks symbolizing the raw energy of the combustion engine. While the paintings are much more realistic, Hall enjoys when some of the early analytical marks make it through to the final work giving a glimpse of her process in the end product. The paintings take between 25 and 60 hours and are built up with many transparent layers of paint.

Schebler Model L, 30x40", oil on canvas