Volume 7 No 2 September 2016

One Man's Monterey Car Week

Say it ain't so, Joe, a replica (they called it a "tribute car") at Monterey representing the 1964 Ford GT40

They say of the street called the Via Veneto in Italy that, if you sit long enough in one spot, everybody you ever knew will happen by and I think Monterey Car Week is a little like that. It's every car guy you ever knew plus every car you ever heard of.

Although the first event is on Tuesday I chose to go up Wednesday from Los Angeles, a very boring drive if you take the 5 but doing so cuts two hours off the trip.

I landed smack dab in the quaint village of Carmel, right in the midst of the Concours on the Avenue. Now, if I had to chose a favorite event at Monterey it would be this if only for the enthusiasm of the crowd. Some are tourists that happened to pick that particular day to go through the town and Golly Gee, wait until they tell the folks back in Strawberry Point, Iowa about the outlandish cars they saw. They are perhaps unware that some of the cars are worth upwards of ten million dollars each.

I am grateful to the Pebble Beach Concours that they give points for going on this tour because otherwise we might have the best cars being trailer queens... only to trod the grass on the short distance to their assigned spot at Pebble. This way you can see the cars out on the road and hear their engines. As each driver pulls in, the crowd chortles with glee, and the drivers are welcomed by other drivers as they if they had just won the Mille Miglia. Car I enjoyed most? Seeing a low nose Alfa Sprint Speciale but it was so low I couldn't crouch low enough to shoot its beautiful schnozz. I also enjoyed the Bizzarrini coupe, but can't say any one car was more popular than another, the crowd just swarmed each car!

I left before the end where they each drive downhill... (priceless photo ops here) because I had to go to the next event on my schedule, the McCall Motorworks Revival. This is an annual shindig at the Monterey airport run by an aviation firm.