Volume 7 No 2 September 2016
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2016 AFAS Pebble Beach Premiere Show Exhibitors:
Front Row:

David Chapple
Tom Fritz
Bill Motta

Middle Row:

Charles Maher
Barry Rowe
Ken Eberts
John Marsh
Tom Sikorski
Jay Koka

Back Row:

Stanley Rose
Richard Pietruska
Dennis Hoyt
Klaus Wagger

Round 28... the 2016 AFAS Exhibition at Pebble Beach

by Jay Koka, photos Cathy Koka

It was a nice cool morning as Cathy and I awoke in our hotel room for our 28th visit to the Pebble Beach Concours. Nice and cool because the past month or so in Toronto has been incredibly hot and so the morning overcast and mist were a welcome relief. We had heard quite a bit about the wildfires burning in the general vicinity of the Peninsula but didn’t really see much more than smoke… which may have actually been just low cloud cover.

We arrive mid-week, more or less in the middle of Car Week. There are usually a seemingly endless number of auto-related events and 2016 was no exception. Concours, racing, parts, automobilia, art, you want it… you get it… and usually at more than one location. This is good except the traffic burden is one that the local roads and highways are simply not up to the task of supporting which results in some pretty epic backups and delays. Full Car Week story here