Volume 6 No 2 September 2015

Automotive Fine Arts Society 30th Anniversary Exhibition at Pebble Beach

by Jay Koka

"Roughly 10 artworks exhibited at The Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance for 30 years times 25 artists equal 7500 works of art of exceptional quality that surely have put AFAS a long way towards achieving our original goal. That goal is to have Automotive Art accepted as a legitimate form of Fine Art. My congratulations to all the AFAS Members who have stood together all this time."
Ken Eberts, President

Thirty years of anything is a long time by any standard of measurement. We, Cathy and I, arrived for our 27th or so time not entirely sure what impact this anniversary may have on us, the Society, our show, and Car Week in general.

Anniversaries are a funny thing. By and large they are of greatest significance to those involved and interesting - but not particularly overwhelming - for everyone else.


Proving once again that artists are an unruly group, here are the members at the 2015 AFAS annual meeting talking amongst themselves and looking everywhere but at the camera.

Back row, left to right: Jay Koka, Peter Hearsey, Jack Juratovic, James Dietz, Klaus Wagger, Harold Cleworth, Richard Pietruska, Charles Maher, Niles Nakaoka
Next Row: Barry Rowe, Tom Sikorski, Tom Hale, Stanley Rose, Bruce Wheeler
Front Row: David Chapple, Ken Eberts, Bill Motta, John Marsh