Update June 2021: Volume 12 No 2

As the pandemic drags on and countries around the world start to... slowly... return to some semblance of the past, it's still early going and there are very few events on which to report. So we are back again with an update issue heavily targeted at artist profiles. Not a bad thing really, given that we are an art magazine....

Before we move on, I want to mention that we recently heard about the untimely passing of Masi Kaneko this past November. You may not recognize the name but Masi was a central figure in bringing Japanese-based artists to the annual AFAS show in Pebble Beach. We extend our condolences to his family.


I've known Dennis Brown for pretty much my entire art career. We have been AFAS colleagues since 1989. We are pleased to present an up to date profile on Dennis Brown a well-known artist.... Martin Heukeshoven is likewise a colleague, this time within the Artist'Auto group. I first met Martin in Paris in 2019 and recall being hugely impressed with his "Technical Sculptures". I think you will be too... Martin Heukeshoven. Our third artist profile is Kevin McNicholas from England. As you will quickly see in his profile, Kevin is completely immersed in F1... Kevin McNicholas


 June Update Detours features a "Dispatch from Amelia Island" by Rob Alen. I will readily admit that I know nothing about the artform, but I think I know quality and dedicated craftsmanship when I see it. We present an all-too brief look at the fascinating diorama work of Swiss artist Robert Kohler.  Detours


One of my favourite events, the Cobble Beach Concours d’Elegance held each September in southern Ontario Canada recently announced the cancellation of the show for 2021. "We believe it is best to cancel our 2021 show to help minimize the spread of Covid-19 and its variants, both at our event but also for all those travelling to it. We do not want to compromise the safety of those taking part.” said Rob McLeese, Founder and Show Chair. “We will refocus our energies towards planning our next event.”  Cobble Beach Concours


March 2021: Volume 12 No 1

Without a doubt, the BIG NEWS for the magazine is the amalgamation with the autoartgallery.com website. The Artist Gallery from that site is now part of the magazine. You can navigate to that section from anywhere in the magazine or you can go direct with autoartgallery . The autoartgallery features work by AFAS members and associate members and is also now open to any automotive themed artist. The purpose of the autoartgallery is to promote artists by providing a "portal" to individual artist work. Each artist gallery page contains a brief biography, images and offsite links and contact information.

The magazine site itself has also undergone some major revisions and reorganization. Take a look around.


It's been a long 12 months since the last Retromobile show and the almost universal shutdown imposed by COVID19. Just when there was light on the horizon with the planned early June date... all is lost as it has been canceled and now moved to 2022 in it's usual February date. Says Yahn Janou, president of Artist'Auto: "Retromobile is the most important show for the Artist'Auto group and unfortunately no member will find another show in 2021 to take its place. For all members, it's more or less a year without our most significant show."

Yup... I've canceled my flight and hotel booking with great regret.

My understanding (at time of writing) is that the St John's and the Pebble Beach Concours for 2021 are going ahead. Says Pebble Beach chair Sandra Button, “We look forward to being together once again, talking cars with car people in the presence of cars!" Plans are on schedule for the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance August 15 and the Pebble Beach Tour d’Elegance presented by Rolex August 12.
We just received an announcement that Hagerty, a name well-known to concours fans, has acquired control of the St John's Concours. The event launched in 1979 as the Meadow Brook Concours in Oakland, Michigan, moved to its current Plymouth location in 2013 and is now in its 42nd year. Chairman Larry Moss says this positive change will strengthen all aspects of the show and they are ramped up and ready to go for July 23-25.


In what has become a far too regular part of this magazine, we report the passing of another colleague and friend. Bill Neale was a founding member of the Automotive Fine Arts Society and a regular participant in the annual shows. Bill passed away in January and we mark this with great sadness. Take a look at the »Bill Neale Retrospective


Artists profiled this month include Rafael Varela an Artist'Auto member living and working in Buenos Aires, Argentina »Rafael Varela and Automotive Fine Art Society member Richard Pietruska. With an opening line like: "My first passion was horses but reality set in and I knew that wasn’t about to happen where we lived... and then cars came along." You just know you have to read on.  »Richard Pietruska.

I'm also pleased to present a summary of The Art of Travel portion of my Studio website. I have long been an avid world-wide traveler and much of that travel has been captured in my work. Take a look: »The Art of Travel


 This issue's Detours regular feature presents a number of profiles and stories by Wallace Wyss and Rob Alen.
Check it out: »Detours


Continuing our practice of archiving past issues, a number of older issues have now been removed (April 2017 and older). A convenient, updated "Index by Subject" has been developed and is available here: »Index by Subject


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Thanks for visiting our latest issue. As always, I welcome your comments...

Jay Koka, Publisher

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