Yahn Janou

by Yahn Janou
Editor's Note: The original version of the material presented here was provided Yahn Janou. Some translation and editing for clarity has been provided.

After having completed my mathematics studies, I quit school and became an apprentice in a vintage garage dealing mainly with English cars like Jaguar, Austin Healey and more.

At the same time, I started taking some art classes and concentrated my initial efforts on abstract paintings. I then went on to graduate from Art Center College of Design in transportation and went back to painting …but this time with figures and cars.

Why cars?... to me, the car represents autonomy, freedom… the ability to travel at will.

In competition, the car makes no concessions. It is brutally efficient with all aspects aimed solely at maximizing competitive results.

That’s also my approach when doing my work… efficient strokes capturing the scene with an economy of brush strokes. It’s a process in which every motion has to be mastered. The patches of color are like beats of a drum… little or no gradients… just hits on the canvas. Drips, blotches are not artificial but part of the creative process… they are emblematic of speed… not just of the painting process itself, but representative of the speed of the subject car.

This has been my process for many years now. It is also infuses my work on landscapes … nudes… and athletes.


Yahn Janou is the President of ArtistAuto and regularly exhibits with the group at the annual Retromobile show in Paris, France. He is also an Associate Member of AFAS. He resides in Paris with his wife Mariele.