Publisher's Note: Stéphane Grenet story is the correct spelling however some browsers have problems with accents so be aware. This story has been assembled from Grenet's notes.

Stéphane Grenet

French born artist Stéphane Grenet alias "Psyko" took his first steps in his grandfather's garage in Orleans in central France.

After earning a BA at the end of the seventies, Grenet started his career as a night attendant where he created silver prints of these nocturnal landscapes which would go on to inspire his work in later years.

He resumed his studies for several years at the Visual Art Institute of Orleans while also working as an engraver/gilder of funerary marble.

Since the early 80's he has actively participated in the organization of custom vehicle events at the Parc des expositions in Orleans and later in the same decade he joined a team of professional videographers working with images, light and sound.

In 2006, wanting to pursue his first passion, Grenet became a professional full-time artist .

He has since continued to participate in many group and single exhibitions. After meeting Clovis, the great Belgian figure of comics and collaborator on Graton with Michel Vaillant, Grenet joined ArtistAuto in 2012 and began exhibiting regularly at the annual RetroMobile show in Paris. The show features the work of painters, sculptors, photographers and designers coming together to present the automobile in contemporary art.

Grenet is represented by several galleries and exhibits all over France at Mortagne-Au-Perche, Lisieux, Hossegor, Paris, Arcachon, Saumur and Barbizon ...and more.

He also regularly exhibits in Orleans and within its general region. He is an active member of the Orleans association "L'Art Ó contemporain" an organizer of cultural events.

He works primarily with oil, Indian ink and watercolor and makes his own photos from which he develops his compositions. Grenet also accepts commissions from private collectors working from photos that vehicle owners provide him.

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