Makoto Ouchi

Continuing our series of artist profiles, Makoto Ouchi is an Associate Member of the Automotive Fine Arts Society group. Ouchi lives in Japan and does not speak English and so we are again faced with some language issues. Unfortunately this makes for a very brief story so to a large extent we will have to have his art speak for itself. Here is the story...

From early childhood Japanese native Makoto Ouchi has loved everything about cars. This love and his artistic skills has shaped a career that spans over 40 years and several continents.

Ouchi enjoys drawing a wide range of automobiles and is especially interested in showcasing the splendor of vehicles both inside and out.

Creating "transparent panels" or "cutaways" Ouchi gives us look at the mechanisms of what makes a car function. The engine, gears, chassis and pumps are all part of the engineering beauty that makes an automobile.

We are able to appreciate everything about the automobiles he loves through his exceptional technical illustrations. Makoto Ouchi looks forward to connecting with his followers and fellow automobile artist enthusiasts worldwide.

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