Volume 10, No 1 March 2019



A broad and eclectic mix of art and art related stories. Brief coverage of events, artists and their activities as well as personalities from the automotive art world...

Detours »


Publisher Jay Koka comments on personalities, events and automotive themed art in general. He sets the stage for the current issue in his regular column.

Underpainting »

RetroMobile 2019

A full report on the 2019 RetroMobile show by our European correspondent Tony Clark.
...broad commentary on the art and artists participating this year...

RetroMobile »

RetroMobile: Rob Alen

The 2019 Salon Retromobile is the 44th edition. It is a winter classic car extravaganza and is more than what goes on at the Porte de Versailles exposition hall...

Salon Retro »

Gary Whinn

Last year we reported that British artist Gary Whinn had retired from the Automotive Fine Arts Society. We present the promised retrospective look at his work...

Whinn »

Stéphane Grenet

ArtistAuto member Stéphane Grenet leans heavily towards the classic 50's heavy metal American makes in his work...

Grenet »

Toshiharu Inagaki

What you are looking at are not "paintings" but rather layers upon layers of finely cut paper that result in an uncanny three-dimensional work of art....

Inagaki »

Art For Sale

Our irregular feature is back by popular demand. A wide range of art is presented for sale by private collectors...

Art For Sale »

Book Review

Wallace Wyss presents an indepth book review on FINS: Harley Earl and the Rise of General Motors and the Glory Days of Detroit...


About the Society

Learn about the group of international automotive themed artists. Includes current members list and process for application.


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