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June 2018 Update:
now available

JUNE 2018 »

Tom Hale

We take a look at the career of well-known artist Tom Hale. Recently retired from AFAS membership our feature explores his work and thoughts...

Yuriy Shevchuck

Many passions: painting architecture and cityscapes, painting historical cars and playing jazz have become the focus of his paintings...

Book Review

Stanley Rose: The Wheels of Life is a recently published 25 year review of the well-known artist's work in a finely produced quality publication...

March 2018:
now available

MARCH 2018 »

RetroMobile 2018

Our European correspondent Tony Clark presents his extensive report and observations on the major annual show held in Paris France.

A Canadian in Paris

Taking art to Paris? Really?
Jay Koka presents a personal report on his experiences as a first time exhibitor at the iconic Parisian show.

Karl-Hugo Mars

At a time when almost everything is standard, consumable and quickly discarded, he gives metal bits a second life by rearranging them into unique and durable pieces of art.

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