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The autoartgallery fine art portal gallery features a world-leading group of painters and sculptors of automotive fine art.

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JUNE 2022 issue
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Volume 13, issue No 1 June 2022 issue. The Artist Gallery continues as part of the magazine featuring images, contact information and brief bios on AFAS members and other professional artists...

JUNE 2022 »

Bruce Wheeler,
artist profile

Conditions for me in 1990 were such that I felt it was time for change. As far back as the 1960’s, I had created some whimsical impressions of cars in hand formed metal......

JUNE 2022 »

Ken Eberts, artist profile

Nearly every car-loving kid with an artistic bent has put pencil to paper to express his or her passion in visual form, but few are so lucky to be able to focus and nurture a childhood dream...

JUNE 2022 »

Craig and Pam Booth, artists profile

There are, in the automotive world, some categories not easily defined. Whatever adjectives you use, the first time you see the work of married artists Craig and Pam Booth... you know the pieces fit a need by capturing the zeitgeist- the spirit of the moment......

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